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Shop Policies

Customer hereby fully understands and agrees to ALL of the following Shop Policies as set forth herein.

  • Sorry but we do not accept Personal Checks unless pre-arranged and approved by us in advance.
  • Loaded Gun Fee - Any firearm for any reason brought into the shop to include sent through the mail that is loaded will incur a "Loaded Gun Fee" of $75.00 unless I am notified before hand.
  • Any firearm left in the shop beyond 30 days after you have been notified by phone that the work is complete and your firearm is ready for pick-up becomes the property of "The Gun Surgeon" and will be sold in-order to recover losses unless you have in-writing a waiver from "The Gun Surgeon" stating otherwise.
  • We guarantee and stand behind our work (unfortunately we cannot guarantee the parts/components from other manufactures as their own warranties apply if applicable). If for any reason you are not completely satisfied for any reason please call us directly (937) 206-8744 to let us know and we will do everything we can to make it right. We greatly appreciate your business, we want to earn your trust and we want to keep you as our satisfied customer.
  • In the event that the replacement of any piece/part of your firearm be required due to a mistake on our part (it happens in this industry but on rare occasion) it will be replaced at our cost but we reserve the right to keep the damaged part. Please trust that we run an honest business and we will do everything within reason and in our power to replace the damaged piece/part with the exact same brand, type and material as you had when the firearm was brought to us for service.
  • Due to the time it takes to find and order parts we have a minimum charge of $5.00 for any part.
  • Quotes will only be honored if they are in writing, signed by "The Gun Surgeon" and are no older than 30 days from the date of signature.
  • Law Enforcement Duty Guns will ALWAYS receive the Highest Priority!