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Posted on January 11, 2017 at 7:45 PM
With the holiday's and Deer Season over it is time to get back at it. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and this New Year brings you good health and happiness. The Saturday I will be down at the Mad River Armory and Range for a "Meet & Greet" to anyone that would like to stop in, chat and get to know me a bit. I always enjoy these Meet & Greet's because I meet all kinds of great people with great questions and always good conversation. Typically, the range is having a CCW course concluding and I get a chance to talk to and observe the folks in the class shooting. I have to say that most everyone is nervous about the shooting potion but there is really no need to be. They have some of the best instructors in the area to help you if you struggle so no worries my friends. But, if I can offer one bit of advice. I see a large number of older women coming in to get their CCW and usually there is one issue they are having (not all of them, but more than less). Either their well intending spouse or son is purchasing or lending them a handgun for the class or for carry once they pass and the poor ladies doing their absolute best with what they have tend to have WAY TOO MUCH GUN! Guys, put yourself in their shoes. A 357 Magnum Revolver is not exactly the best choice for an 87 year old woman shooting for the first time! Yes . . . it happened. She asked me advice on shooting because she was getting ready for her turn and felt bad because she could not hit the target during practice before coming to the class. Well, two things here, #1, she could not pull the trigger, it was way to hard for her to pull and second it was way too much gun! We all want our Mom, Wife, Sister, Girlfriend or whatever to be protected and a handgun certainly helps but it is worthless and actually more dangerous to her if she can't handle it. So next time you guys are feeling like getting her a handgun, take her to the range to physically try out and shoot various different handguns and let her choose. Mad River Armory and Range has a large number of handguns that you can rent and try before you buy. There really is no better way than that. This way she is not afraid of the gun and will actually want to practice with it and get good ad comfortable with it. then and only then will she more "protected" than without it. Mad River Armory and Range also has First Time Shooter Classes, Tactical Shooting Classes, A Girl and a Gun League (Great Group and opportunity that I highly recommend) and more. I hope this helps. Until next time, Stay safe! Regards, Mark a.k.a. "The Gun Surgeon"

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