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6 days until our Grand Opening!

Posted on September 12, 2016 at 3:30 AM

Good morning.  I guess I should say "Good Early Morning" since it is currently 3:30 am.  Too much going through my mind I guess of all the things I have to get finished up this week so we can finally open our doors.  Most of the construction type stuff is finished up with the exception of installing the carpet which is supposed to be done on Wed., a couple of electrical outlets to put in and swap out the current shop lights with new LED shop lights for better light so I can see what I am doing in there!  Aside from that, it's all paperwork left.  Oh yea! :roll:  Speaking of which, I need to get off of here and write the Legal stuff for Release of Liability when someone wants their trigger worked on and below a 4 lb. pull so they don't try to sue me when they shoot themselves in the foot.  

Have a great day my friends!

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